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    Hey there
    What do you think about basically an computer controlled chastity device?
    By this I mean an chastity device equipped with a waterproofen SoC controller that supports at least gps, connected to the wearers smartphone or directly to the internet used to control e.g. electronically locks, electrodes to administer pain or arousal as well as to ensure everything is locked properly, a locked butt plug, also equipped with electrodes and/or vibration and so on…
    Of course the system should be programmable or rather automatable and additionally directly controllable by a desktop suit as well as a mobile app.
    I was mainly inspired by the fictious sissylink device from (hopefully soon shown in my gallery) and the Dreamlover2000 system but in my oppinion it’s relatively simple to build a device not only comparable to the sissylink, but providing additional features and extensibility.
    Would you buy it and if so how much money would you spend?
    As a sissys owner or trainer would you order your slave to wear it?
    And as a sissy would you like to wear it?

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