Who We Are

SissyLife.com is a community provided by TGlife.com. While all of us male to female transgender people are technically sissies, there are subsets – like sissy maids, feminized husbands, baby sissies, little girl sissies, sissy bois, and sissy boi Lolita girls — that our other sites didn’t address adequately. TGlife.com does have a column called PINK, but the broader site is more general for crossdressers and those going out and living en femme. It features a magazine, resource enter, and social community, abut we thought an entire social network focused on the frilly sissy girls was appropriate.

NOTE that YOU control your privacy — you can make your photos, activity, etc. public or private, it is controlled solely by you. So those secret sissies, you’re secret is safe with us!

TGlife.com and sissylife.com are managed by Brianna Austin

Our Other Sites

We operate four sites in the transgender space, including this one

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