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    Lara Cross

    Secret Me

    Another day alone upstairs, just my keyboard and my mind,
    The only ones left to consider these dark thoughts that I hold.
    In my solitude, I explore my hidden dreams consigned
    To those unexposed recesses of my heart… where secrets rest untold.

    I visit these unbridled thoughts, to embrace desires (at least some)
    For those who made me seek the dark (for my passion and my pride)
    Made me run with fantasies in my heart… to this point where I have come.
    So, here I rest in solitude, in my private place… where a soul can hide.

    In my reflection, I detest them, these weakened moments in my life.
    Times, when relenting to childlike passions, times when I give in
    To my selfish dreams unfettered, dreams fulfilled and rife
    With all those boundless climax moments of a world bereft of sin.

    Secret me and secret you– we stumble in our self-made dark.
    Keeping others from those thoughts that we, ourselves, deem wrong.
    While the world goes on un-noticing, every falling leaf… each lark
    And we create these lonely places… where only we belong.

    Lara Cross

    Solitude can be one’s best friend.

    Sue Anne

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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