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    Becky Annesley

    Hi everyone
    I am new and been thinking about getting a chastity cage, but I want a pretty pink one. I heard someone say those are not comfortable. Is that true?


    Dear Becky

    I have posted something you can read it. You can communicate to on for assistances.


    I have a cute pink one that is similar style to the holy trainer models. I honestly love it but I do not wear if for longer than hours at a time. It is very uncomfortable if you get hard in it and will cut off circulation to my balls. However, in normal use when soft it fits quite well. I guess that really is the whole point.

    I can not, suggest pink enough though! I own some clear ones but I love how I look in a tiny little pink cage. It is always my go to.

    Rhonni Dicks

    If you look at my profile I’m wearing a little pink one,and I love it.Granted you do have to figure out how to wear it,but most days it 100%comfortable.Especially if you have a small clitty like me.

    Miss Brooke

    Hey Girls,

    a Chasity cage is like a pretty piece of clothing its comfy for others and itchy for some. Pink plastic cages can be super comfy and I love them. I had some sissies spend weeks or even months in it without any complain while other hardly can spend a night. It often takes time for a sissy to find what is right for her. When choosing a cage whether plastic or not there are some ground rules:

    1. Measurements, Measurements, Measurements. Many a times little girls get so excited to get locked up they forget taking much care to measure themselves. Sometimes discomfort has less to do with the quality or material but it just doesn’t fit well enough. Take your time and measure yourself several until you feel you know what will fit you or not. You don’t want to spend your earnings on a cage just to find out you better went for the hopefully smaller one.

    2. A Chasity cage is not a play once toy it is an investment. You don’t have to buy the most expensive model but also don’t try to save some bucks. There are many cages that come quite cheap, but are usually not very good for long term wear. Unless you want to just wear it for a couple hour, and what sissy would want that, save a bit and go for a high quality model.

    3. Chasity is hard. Don’t forget in the beginning the thing around you is a foreign thing for your slitty. Even with the perfect cage it can take some time to get used to, especially at night. Don’t be disappointed when you wear your cage and it hurts after a few hour let alone spending a night. Start slow and increase the times. With time your clitty learns she is supposed to be locked up and get used to it.

    4. It is your and possibly your dominants clitty, Don’t go by something you don’t really like to look just because it gets great reviews or people tell you that’s the think. A proper Chasity lasts a long time… sometimes even a lifelong. You should feel cute and sexy when looking in the mirror. The most comfortable cage isn’t exciting when you don’t like to look at it. This part I believe plastic cages truly win. You can find them in all colours, sizes and forms. Nothing says girly more than a ping small Chasity cage.

    5. A clean sissy is a happy sissy. One thing sissies learn very quickly in Chasity how important cleanliness is. A cage gets dirty quicker than most think and that can get quite uncomfortable and quickly causes a rash. Your clitty is the most sensitive part so a sissy better take extra care of it. And no matter how wide open the sides of a cage is cleaning it when you wear won’t get it totally clean. Metal Cages here win this point… they tend to be easier to clean when being worn than the plastic ones who only have a few holes. They should be taken off regularly for a shower and cleaned thoroughly with good soap. Another lesson sissies can learn when you pee sitting like a girl get in the habit of cleaning your clitty water. Nobody likes to talk about it but we all know why.

    6. Get that clitty smooth. One of the most common reason a cage start hurting is caused by those nasty hairs getting caught and even though it doesn’t sound bad that can really hurt. Having the habit of shaving your slitty regularly and very important… after shaving use a soothing, moistening lotion will calm your skin and make wearing this cage much MUCH more comfortable. As a side effect nothing says “sissy girl” more than a perfectly smooth clitty.


    Miss Brooke

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