Locktober's coming up. Who's in?

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    Locktober is just around the corner and I was wondering if anyone’s going to participate, or if anyone’s made to participate 😉

    My new cage (it’s one of those HolyTrainer knock-offs) should be arriving next week just in time for it and I was planning on locking myself up for the month. The longest I’ve spent in chastity is a couple of weeks but with a bit of motivation I think I can go for the whole month. I live alone and don’t have a keyholder so I’ll just have to stay strong and resist the urge to free myself. Although I do plan to unlock my clitty once a day during showers so I can clean and shave but then it’s straight back to the cage.

    So, is anyone else going to lock themselves for Locktober or are you going to be locked by someone else? Maybe you’re already locked up and Locktober is just another month among the others? Those who don’t have a keyholder, how are you planning on keeping yourself locked and not free yourself?

    Maybe we can also use this thread to talk about our progress during the month and motivate each other 🙂

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