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    And daddies what do you love about us?

    Andrew jones

    I love the effort they put into looking sexy hot and slutty. I love the passion they have when being kissed and how they love taking big black dick


    I love dressing slutty and being girly. Please force me into Sissifacation training. I love big cocks stretching out my boy pussy. I also want to be tied up and being the center of a gang bang for the weekend. I want to be a fuck toy for a mistress or a dominant couple.


    Dressing like a conplete slut. Or an obedient maid. Or a super cute girly girl ❤️❤️❤️


    I love celebrating the girl inside and letting her express herself. Or really letting me express myself. Letting go of the male parts of me, feeling the feminine energy that feels so delicious. Of course, panties, bras, lingerie – and I luv skirts. A touch of make up. Mani-pedis. Knowing that my inner girl has some space to grow.


    It’s the comfort I feel when I wear women’s clothes. Sometimes I’ll wear leggings or panties under my work pants just to make myself feel a little better than usual (and if I’m feeling frisky a butt plug as well). Then other times I’ll spend like an hour putting on my stockings and sweater dress, fixing my wig, getting everything together. I haven’t worked on make-up (yet), but I plan on it probably by the end of the year. It’s just the raw sexuality and allure of being a woman that entices me to dress up. I want to be lusted over, I want to be craved, I want to feel required, and both fortunately and unfortunately I’ve found that outlet. I feel torn because I know who I am as a man, but I also know that Katie needs to come out and play sometimes too… I can’t just have her sitting passenger sear to this whole show. If she’s in my head, then she’s a part of me, and if she’s a part of me… doesn’t she get a say too? I don’t know… what I do know is cumming while getting fucked, and cumming while fucking is easily the best part of it all. Especially when I cum from riding my dildo and not touching my clitty. That feeling is fucking outstanding (last night I did it 3 times and my legs were quivering I was working my ass so hard).


    I am not convincing (my build is too masculine) and I will remain in the closet in real life. But I love to dress up like a slut, eager to seduce, use and get used. My wardrobe isn’t very extensive yet (I am married, so there is a limit to the amount of stuff that I can hide) and I had my first use of make up (I never realized how difficult that is and how much time it costs to make yourself pretty). My biggest fetish is wearing small thongs. I get exited immediately, when I put them on. The first time I dressed up as much as I could, I felt like a pornstar ready to be used. I made a video of this, which was also very exciting to do.


    Sounds wonderful versa.


    Oh wow. So many things I love about being a sissy. Where to start?!?

    Clothes obviously. All us fairies know that girl clothes are WAY more comfortable. Many more kinds of things. The colours and prints and allll the sexy fabrics.

    Being shaved smooth. Hell yes. Nothing like feeling the breeze on hairless legs or nylons. Or some sexy spandex. And then looking down and seeing a cute little landing strip above my cage.

    Shoes. Yea. I don’t need to expand there, do I, gurls???

    Sex. Now that varies per sissy. I’m a switchy versatile so I get it from both sides. Whether I’m on top or getting my lil sissy hole stuffed. But a sissygasm, as difficult as they are, wow. They’re amazing. I had a really big one last night. PM me if you wanna hear. Not very exciting really. But a sissygasm is very, well, I can’t really think of a word for it.

    Jewelry. Like shoes, I don’t need to say more.

    There’s a whole load of sissy things I haven’t done but SO want to. That’s a long list. But whereI live, no one to really do any of it with.

    And I forgot one VERY nielce things about being a sissy. Playing with other sissies!!!!


    All of what you gurls said and the new friends I am making. xoxox


    The clothes being the obvious first point. The styles, looks, colors (especially the pinks) and materials are just so much more fun than male clothes. I love the process of dressing up and the feel of the clothes on my smooth body.

    Also being submissive, controlled, and helpless. Being tied up and, for example, made to listen/watch hypnos is a big turn on for me (even when it’s self-afflicted). I enjoy locking myself in chastity too and having that cage around my clitty is a great constant reminder of my place and where I belong.

    The thing that also excites me is the mystique of it. The idea that this pretty regular and masculine (I don’t think my frame would be passable) guy has this other, hidden, secret side is very exciting. Living my day to day as a normal dude but behind closed doors and curtains I can be someone and something completely different. My sissy me is in the closet and most likely will stay there and hiding my panties, chastity, stockings/pantyhose/thigh highs, maybe even a bra under my male clothes while I’m at work or outside is a very strong and titillating feeling.

    Elinia Morningstar

    getting all dressed up choosing/buying new outfits how the materials feel on your skin also exploring my submissive side & trying to hide the fact i got this feminine side is also kinda fun being all shaved as a man trying to avoid questions 😛 still exploring alot and finding my likes so i only expect this list to get longer 🙂


    I agree


    Sucking cock and butt plugs

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