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    Welcome Phoebe!


    Jesse Nelson

    Hi I’m Jesse Nelson, real name. I go by jessah, jizzella, justina, celest. I’m 37 I live in Ketchikan Alaska. I’m not officially out but a lot of people hear roomers or know things about me. I’ve crossdressed since childhood and had access to a wide variety of sex toys via my step mom at an early age. I’m bi. Identify “Straight” (lie). I have a gf. She knows. She participates. Buys me clothes. Encourages a me to used my guys. I’m also 100% ok with her fucking other guys. A woman needs a real man. I love eating her pussy as she tells me that just 30 mins ago her softball coach shot a huge load inside her and she told him how I’d be the one sucking it out.



    Welcome Jesse!


    Debra Sissy

    Hello All ,

    I am a relapsing sissy returning back to the fold after 4 years , I had a gf for 4 years and now when she has left me for a bigger better cock , I have realized I am a sissy thru and thru . My natural 36C tits help a lot 🙂 .
    Looking for a Dom/Domme to help me re-train and re-serve as a sissy slut and realize my true place .
    Looking forward to talking with you all !!

Viewing 4 posts - 61 through 64 (of 64 total)

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