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    So if been flirting with this little sissy doll for a minute, between the pics and sexting my cock had been so deep inside of that pretty little ass pussy every night in my fantasy. Just thinking of the sexy little outfit I was gonna see her model for me next seriously had my cock throbbing. “Baby we have to meet, I have to feel you wrapped around me deeply inside of you” Tonight is the night, I’m fucking getting candles out the whole nine. In the truck find her place, couple houses up. This fuckin perfect little dolled up little tight blue dress gem opens my door and hops up in. I drive up the road a little, she’s says “your fucking hot” I pull over and our mouths are fuckin, I can’t even think about driving! In my lap my hands are in heaven and I can’t get enough my tongue down that pretty little throat. Cock biggest ever throbbing against body “daddy take me home she says smiling as my pants unzip. I seriously made love and cummed deeply in the pussy 5 times before I had to get her home. Best fuckin night ever! I love all you sexy femboys, where are you, I wanna feel you purr!


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