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    I am a Master and I have a total submissive sissy slave with me. I have tried all the ready made available chastity methods. Most of them does not fit well and does not serve the purpose of total Chastity. Finally I have tried homemade and it works find and my Sissy likes too much. The best method is just insert a saline tube into your utherahole and the tube should little more lengthy outside to say about 4″ inches. Then pull your foreskin and push your flesh back and tie the foreskin with a twine. Thereafter wrap both dick and balls together with a simple and plain medical bondage cloth to a tolerable tightness. Once this process is done take big empty icecream code or similar like cup and buy the plaster of paris and mix with water like past and immerse your tied cock and balls for sometime till the plaster of paris becomes hard thereafter remove the cup or icecream cone. Kindly ensure the urine tube is outside. Soon plaster of paris will be dry and you will have a correct chastity and only you will pass the urine through tube. Keep it one week after a week cut and remove the plaster of paris and leave it two or three free and thereafter redo it. This is best and easy, cheap. Any sissy can try out and they will definitely like this. Sissies comments are welcome to my email ID 1959creative@gmail.com


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