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  • Here’ one I wrote for my wife and her secret lover… Enjoy!
    The Cuckold (for Susie and Stephen)
    By Lara Cross
    My wife, Susie is speaking to me over her shoulder as she walks toward the garage door with the keys to her BMW 325i in her hand…
    “Okay, Honey… I’ll see you later. You sure you don’t want to come?”
    “Oh… baby, I’ll cum just thinking abo…[Read more]

  • Time flies… thoughts remain.

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  • Stupid Pussy

    What a stupid little pussy… as she lies there all alone,
    Not a friend to rub her tummy, not a friend to text her phone.
    All she wants is your attention as she curls up in your bed,
    And she moves her sexy tail so soft …’gainst the short hair of your head.

    She’s such a stupid pussy, without thoughts of bigger things,
    Like another…[Read more]