Jesse Nelson

I’m in a relationship where I came out to my gf that I was bi 6 months into our relationship. Not only bi but I crossdress and my gay role is a submissive bottom. I freaked her out when I showed her I can take a much larger cock in my ass than she can or would even try. She wasn’t happy. She has since come to terms with me. She does have other men in her life, I encourage her too. One I’m at terms with who and what I am. A beta femboi. Im 127 lbs, a total sub pussy. Anyway my gf isn’t a mistress and she is my person. But… Just sex. I hope my gf doesn’t see this. A MASTER!!!! I’m a cum loving cock slut and gladly take any and all cock. I have few limits that need to be broken. Sissy born and breed.