Oh wow. So many things I love about being a sissy. Where to start?!?

Clothes obviously. All us fairies know that girl clothes are WAY more comfortable. Many more kinds of things. The colours and prints and allll the sexy fabrics.

Being shaved smooth. Hell yes. Nothing like feeling the breeze on hairless legs or nylons. Or some sexy spandex. And then looking down and seeing a cute little landing strip above my cage.

Shoes. Yea. I don’t need to expand there, do I, gurls???

Sex. Now that varies per sissy. I’m a switchy versatile so I get it from both sides. Whether I’m on top or getting my lil sissy hole stuffed. But a sissygasm, as difficult as they are, wow. They’re amazing. I had a really big one last night. PM me if you wanna hear. Not very exciting really. But a sissygasm is very, well, I can’t really think of a word for it.

Jewelry. Like shoes, I don’t need to say more.

There’s a whole load of sissy things I haven’t done but SO want to. That’s a long list. But whereI live, no one to really do any of it with.

And I forgot one VERY nielce things about being a sissy. Playing with other sissies!!!!