It’s the comfort I feel when I wear women’s clothes. Sometimes I’ll wear leggings or panties under my work pants just to make myself feel a little better than usual (and if I’m feeling frisky a butt plug as well). Then other times I’ll spend like an hour putting on my stockings and sweater dress, fixing my wig, getting everything together. I haven’t worked on make-up (yet), but I plan on it probably by the end of the year. It’s just the raw sexuality and allure of being a woman that entices me to dress up. I want to be lusted over, I want to be craved, I want to feel required, and both fortunately and unfortunately I’ve found that outlet. I feel torn because I know who I am as a man, but I also know that Katie needs to come out and play sometimes too… I can’t just have her sitting passenger sear to this whole show. If she’s in my head, then she’s a part of me, and if she’s a part of me… doesn’t she get a say too? I don’t know… what I do know is cumming while getting fucked, and cumming while fucking is easily the best part of it all. Especially when I cum from riding my dildo and not touching my clitty. That feeling is fucking outstanding (last night I did it 3 times and my legs were quivering I was working my ass so hard).