Be a transgender contributor … as a writer, forum moderator, evangelist, or via other contributions. is about to relaunch, and Sissylife is about to provide all members with blog access. Tglife.comhad a section (and will again upon relaunch) called PINK, which was focused on the sissy lifestyle and sissy interests. We extended that with the launch of the site (removing the adult restrictions that are present on However, while we’re going to make the blog on SissyLife available to all to post, PINK (on TGLIFE) is still subject to editorial review, and we’re looking for non-adult content contributors for that column.

With the relaunch of Tglife coming this month, we’re also looking for a wide range of contributors for that magazine. Firstly,  if anyone has seen any of the newer trans shows, like Transparency on Amazon Prime, or others — even older films — send them to

Be a transgender contributor

You can be a contributor to a number of things. As a writer, reporter, commentator, reviewer, or moderator, you can cover events in your area, or provide commentary and/or reviews on things like world news, new films, TV shows or books, fashion, beauty, health, coming out, your favorite fetish, etc.

As a moderator, you can moderate a forum of a topic that is a passion for you.

We’ll be expanding Sissylife over the coming months as well, expanding the blogs section, adding a member-only dating tool, adult video channels, and a marketplace to sell your own items.

Until the new launch, have a lovely pink day!